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The perfect way to elevate a simple look is to add bold beautiful jewelry. Designers are creating intricate designs using Different shapes and patterns that suit all styles

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Dia Y Noche

Experience the best of both worlds with our Dia Y Noche collection,... 


Journey through the cosmos with our Celestial collection, a line of handmade... 

  • Nadine Al Rassi

    Radiant as ever! The stunning actress nadine al rassi lights up this photoshoot wearing beautiful pieces designed by GA.

  • Tatiana Merheb

    Tatiana Merheb shines with her unique bag from our handcrafted GA collection.

  • Joelle Behlock

    Joelle Behlock dazzles in unique earrings from our handcrafted GA collection.

  • Elsa Zgheib

    Elsa Zgheib stuns in a one-of-a-kind accessory from our handcrafted GA collection.

  • Rindala Kodeih

    Rindala Kodeih turns heads with her unique handcrafted bag from our GA collection. Make a statement with our exclusive designs.

  • Rania Issa

    Our beautiful Rania Issa starwearing GA handmade leather belt.

  • Rima Alrifai

    Check out this edgy genuine leather handbag, from our fall/winter collection, chosen by rima alrifai for her latest photoshoot

  • Mireille Jassar

    Adorn your hand like the beautiful Mireille Jassar with this fun genuine leather bracelet with dangling chains.

  • Darine Chaheen

    The Gorgeous Darine Chaheen looks stunning wearing our genuine leather bracelet


Finding it hard to find accessories that reflect my personality, I started my journey by importing jewelry and adding my special touches and designs to them, after which I decided to design and create my own unique and stylish designs. I developed my own line of accessories, handbags, and much more, featuring unique, innovative designs.

This is how GA by Andrea was born.

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